Vision Builder Geoff Buchan artist / designer

3 spiral approach to sustainability


KIMBERLY LEARNING. . . . . . . . . . . EMU AND EGGS STORY. . . . . . . . . . . 3 SPIRAL VISIONBUILDING. . . . . . . . . . .
these paintings featured as the three main "Law" based paintings in the "MUCH" is possible in the ". . . .flowoflife. . . . ." visionbuilding exhibition at the Downing Centre Court, Sydney.

is the reason
why you are alive
to learn
about life?


Emu and Eggs Story

The emu image
is guarding
a clutch of eggs
in the hope of
sustaining the

It is about the
precautionary principle
of sustainability and
was painted as a
submission to a case
before the Land and Environment Court

the clutch is
a symbol of
a blastoid state

is culture simply
a blastoid state?

The painting explores
the "alternate" media
role of the artist
over time, in
making fertile
the ground of
understanding .
in helping society deal with necessary change.

3 Spiral Painting
..still on the surface of the same earth..

Influenced by watching Mowaljarlai
paint at Old Mowanjum.

This painting holds layers of the main
stories which form visionbuilding.

It is simply a very complex painterly diagram.
It aspires to be comprehensive when dealing with societal change.

The KIS formula- keep it simple, is often incomplete as it restricts comprehensiveness.

The blastoid enables comprehensiveness
beyond the simplicity of binary division.

The layers in the painting form the visionbuilding scaffold for more comprehensively doing the possible.

Much is possible.

Download: O'view SYDNEY'S KAKADU (PDF 368.6 kb)


Download: Old Great Northern Rd C Mapping-Report (PDF 2.1 Mb)

Download: KIMBERLEY LEARNING (PDF 160.1 kb)

Download: 3 Spiral Painting Slide show (MOV 1.7 Mb)

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