Vision Builder Geoff Buchan artist / designer

3 spiral approach to sustainability

Visual Language

We have now become
aware of the possibility of
arranging the entire
human environment as a
work of art, as a teaching
machine designed to
maximise perception and
to make learning a
process of discovery'

(Medium as the Message,
Marshall McLuhan, 1967)

A pictorial story of change from a closed to an open system showing triangles merging, eclipsing as one and emerging into the open in a curved trajectory to hint at a sense of continuum and change.

"The story with no words" - This "Closed to Open" painting was photographed hanging in the Medicina Creativa Exhibition at Alphonso Lagos Gallery in Chillan, Chile 2005.

Visitors included Mapuchi who engaged in spanglish gestural conversation about the universality of the meanings in the painterly use of symbolism in the exhibition. It is similar to the dense cross cultural exchange with the Kimberly Lawmen in the Kimberly Learning painting.

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