Vision Builder Geoff Buchan artist / designer

3 spiral approach to sustainability

Graphic Design

In the 1980's, an Integrated Graphic Service was developed
at Maroota as Onsight Design in partnership with Janie Buchan.

Ahead of it's time,
the Onsight service was inspired
by the "Changemaster's" Concept, which is
about a new participative business management paradigm.

The Concept was
introduced into the mix
by financial educator David Price
as a reason d'etre for an artist serving
the comprehensive improvement of business image

Inspired by
Geophysicist Leigh Farrar,
David was the third explorer in
the development of Ternary Logic,
with Geoff creating it's graphic form.

dragon flies were the first aviators

Photographic screen printing was a key integrative component in the graphic design practice

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