Vision Builder Geoff Buchan artist / designer

3 spiral approach to sustainability


This VISIONBUILDER EXHIBITION was the fourth the "....flowoflife...."Series.

It was simply titled "MUCH" for much is possible in the flow of life. This visionbuilder event completed a 30 year painting cycle that began in Broome.It brought images and ideas about systems of meaningful creative engagement in remote Australia to the rural/urban fringe, where they were advanced and then prominently shared to the heart of a city.

The exhibition of "Law " oriented paintings affirms;
- the origins of visionbuilding in the Kimberley,
- its application to the Maroota / Eastbend area, and shows,
- the transfer of a new learning method for building a vision that helps people to creatively address societal change issues
like; climate change, gfc, peak oil, and mental health, - with, a practical example - Million Signs Australia.

Discussing the high public profile exhibition space with curator Nureeni Wright after visiting the Downing Centre Court.

Kimberley Exchange Painting. An exchange reflected within a city environment

Kitchener Koala pointing to the 3 Spiral lines engraved on a rock ledge with the scaffolding that attracts the many ideas and influences that form the less-adversarial way through of visionbuilding, is sketched in the background.

Similarly, the " Much"... is possible, Downing Centre Exhibition, is an interactive scaffold that attracts input into the bringing of Visionbuilding into being.

The Koala image is used in an attempt to popularise the option to shift from a gridlocked Triple Bottom Line approach to the management of change to the dynamics of 3 Spiral interacting lines

From a closed to an open system - a story about change without words, where triangles merge, eclipse as one, and with the shared learning emerge with their characteristics in tact, to be arranged in a way that is open to the world,

Turtle Dingo Parrot Painting

3 Spiral Lines applied to a map of the area in the painting series "the Source to the Sea" through which flows water from the high point source of aquifers on the Maroota Plateau, near the largest gallery of rock art near Sydney.

Kitchener Koala with the Visionbuilding scaffolding in the background.

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