Vision Builder Geoff Buchan artist / designer

3 spiral approach to sustainability

Corporate Mapping


the business of the 'possible'

The aim of vision building is to create an
enhanced sense of 'completeness of achievement',

This is realized through
interactively picturing what is 'possible'
with a shared map of patterns of influences
from the past and present,

that is enmeshed
into a scaffolding for building a future
which more effectively deals with
the complexity of change..........MUCH is possible.

This meaning-making process,
adds comprehensiveness to business purpose.

(meaning forms when elements are arranged in patterns of threes)

The imagining that arises from "seeing" complex business fundamentals
being simply sketched in overlapping elements of threes,
forms a meaningful sustainable management structure

.................................. A different paradigm can be seen below as formative elements interacting in patterns of three lines.

....Triple Bottom Lines... in gridlock

I > The > We >

Past > Present > Future >

Identity > Enterprise > Quality >



Probable > Potential > Possible >

.......Creative Medicine >
...........Creative Platform >
.................Creative Industries >

pulls the "probable" the "potential" and the "possible"
into the full picture

Paradox can adversely impact on business purpose when solutions are incomplete.

. . .This probability in turn limits the "possible".

. . .Vision-building structurally supports "what's possible" by re-affirming purpose in a new way.

. . .The "potential" solution is often paradoxical and adversarial.

Today, dealing with the "possible" is not normal.

For a sense of completeness,
Business Planning elements,
such as "the probable", "potential" and "possible"
can be seen as an interacting whole.

Coinciding arrangements like these
can be re-arranged
in a sequence of threes
(with dynamic feedback and follow through)
to strengthen business purpose.

As shown
in a Corporate Mapping Summary,
Visionbuilding raises visualisation capabilities
for building the possible.

- a sequence of sets of threes

In a "3 some" sequence
the Corporate Mapping process follows:=
...>...Introduction... > ...>... Application... > ...>...Transfer......... >

This sequencing is often repeated as a framework for showing creative endeavors "such as in the " October 2010 "Much" Visionbuilder Exhibition at the Downing Centre.

The Triplet (male/female egg) symbol is the unique feedback dynamic
in the corporate mapping process..

Corporate Mapping
as a Ternary Logic

Overlapping elements
create the products
(complimentary colours)

The overview shape
draws analysis
to the focus

The three spirals
create dynamic options
between lines of approach

sustainable solutions
to complex problems

whilst being a fully committed painter?

I've been a painter/
designer/social entrepreneur
all my professional life.

Seeing, searching, questioning, wondering, imagining, experimenting, risking, observing, noticing and showing are fundamental to my passion - effective engagement with people through image making.

I aspire to systemically share my visualisation abilities, more as an engineer would, rather than as an artist might, with the intent to enhance an observable "living" outcome.

I work as a consultant to help craft continuing innovative responses to competitive conditions using a non-verbally inclusive, creativity delivery system.

The system is a 'visualisation package' with a set of problem-solving and transformation tools that makes sense of patterns of observation in a "rich picture" learning environment.

These tools can ease the trauma of transition and enrich the way we look, think, and behave, in relation to immutable change.

This methodology can be aligned with, and supplement any stage of strategic planning. From now on, we will have to adjust differently to the impact of global warming.

Vision building enables people to become more observationally aware and further engaged in a novel, multi-language, common sense process for 'thinking outside the square'.
a new change agency tool

Many change agency systems embrace a linear, sequenced (bit by bit) and segmented mode of communication (dot point) in the delivery of outcomes. This delivery is deemed more rational and logical because of the mode of communication.

Change agencies' pursuit of rationality has often caused them to be pragmatic about the potential of an organization when addressing the purpose of business.

Pragmatism can cause their word and number dominant 'view' of potential in a rational sequence to trump and leave out some patterns of the "possible" because it is often considered too complex for consideration.

In this way, the quest to keep procedures simple in the search for solutions to complex questions can adversely become a straight jacket.

The resulting incompleteness can make us blind to the purpose of business. It can negatively affect behaviour and diminish the embrace of common sense.

Corporate mapping is framed
within the scaffolding of VISIONBUILDING'S
"4" Mechanisms for Integrated Planning
which helps in the creation of a comprehensive outcome.

Sketch of "4" Mechanisms for Integrated Planning

This was presented in a paper by S Knox and J Craven to the 1996 International Planning Congress in Sydney.

CORPORATE MAPPING comprehensive.

Visionbuilding is an integrative (integrity) management system that uses corporate mapping.

It's pattern-receiving structure, differentiates the vision building business from other cultural change agencies.

It is distinct from, yet inclusive of, the dominant word and number emphases of many organisational change consultancies.

CORPORATE MAPPING is beneficial because

We each observe differently.
" How we look at things affects how they look and what we do" J. Pfeffer.

"The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there is little we can do to change until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds." R.D.Laing.

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