Vision Builder Geoff Buchan artist / designer

3 spiral approach to sustainability


a unique creation at this moment in time to the point where a comparable symbol is yet to be seen.

This unique ambiguous "pathway and gateway as one and the same" symbol will carry the branding of this - artist as visionbuilder approach.

It is an image referring to creativity and the "moment" of birth in the ".......flowoflife.....".

The symbol "pathway and gateway as one and the same" - or "PURPOSE" logo is located at the core of the 3 Spiral Lines imagery.

The ART/LIFE meanings of all symbols are fully enmeshed.

Along with these 3 images and other painterly diagramming notions like " is the reason why you are alive to learn about life?" " ... is my being speaking?..." is this the essence of the visionbuilder brand?

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